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Business Mall is a good helper for business transfers. We will sincerely search for the most suitable business concessions in Hong Kong and the New Territories. In addition, we will also provide different types of business transfers. Asset transfer listings are available for your reference; you can sort by region, The nature of business, investment amount, etc… to screen [ Snacks ], [ Restaurant ], [ Laundry ], [ Training Club ], [ Retail Store ] or kind of business in each district , so as to find the most desirable concession for you , To help entrepreneurs to take a new page. Free inquiries are welcome!

Why choose us?

Sincere attitude

Business Mall adheres to the sincere attitude it has always held to receive every customer from both buyers and sellers.

Trading experience

With our years of business trading experience, we deal with every detail and legal, accounting, license and other requirements.


In order to improve the industry standard, so that the buyers and sellers will become the best partners, and jointly develop the future!

Business Mall advantage

High efficiency team

Business Mall has rich experience in business transfers such as catering, retail, education, beauty and services, and combines high-efficiency sales teams and management talents to complete every single transaction, and always adheres to the principles of fairness, justice, and justice. Every guest can enjoy satisfactory service, and we will do our best to create a better tomorrow for you!

Years of experience

Business Mall has served the local business for many years. It has spent unlimited time for countless buyers to start their businesses to help them grow. It has also been running for many years to find suitable people to take over.

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Tel: 3584 8178
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