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Hair drug test or urine drug test (provide confidence when hiring employees for your company or organization in good faith)

Which institutions or companies need hair drug testing:

  • Company personnel department, background review company, headhunting company

  • Routine or random inspections before and after employment can ensure that the company’s image, productivity, or law is not affected by drug abuse by employees.

  • Tutorial Club/School

  • After the school and parents reach a consensus, hair drug testing can be used to prevent or deter students from drug abuse. Especially after long holidays, only hair drug test can find out whether there is drug abuse within 3 months, and general blood and urine tests cannot detect drug abuse cases that exceed 3 days. The hair drug test is also not interfered by any common drugs or pollutants to ensure the accuracy of the results.

  • Test candidates

  • Applicants need to prove their personal character when applying for a certain school or job.

    (The above services are provided by professional medical institutions that cooperate with us)

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