Psychological test: find out the right industry for your business

This is a cool early summer midnight, very suitable for going to bed early and dreaming. Suppose you are the girl in the story, how would you choose to advance your dream?
1. You in your dream are a very popular girl idol singer! In fact, you have a secret, that is, you are currently dating a very popular little king. But this situation is a very taboo thing for the two idols, so will you?
2. The scene changed suddenly. Now you are a candidate for a diplomat exam. If you are asked to choose a station, which country do you want to go to?
3. This time you have become a copywriter for an advertising company. This time the client will launch a nutritious drink. Why would you name it?
4. Next you become the secretary to the chairman of a large company. Although the chairman is not very friendly to people, he loves you very much. On this day, you discovered that other directors in the company were discussing an evil conspiracy to bring the chairman down. What would you do if you know the truth?
5. This time you are the female owner of a pet shop. One day a rich woman came to buy a pet, but her favorite cat happened to be your favorite. You think in your heart, it’s best not to sell it if you can. So, how would you answer her?
6. Then you became a new science legislator. Some voters hope you can build a golf course in the local area that can revitalize the tourism industry, but this may cause pesticide pollution. What will you do if you are in a dilemma?
7. You become a stewardess, and one day your most admired artist is boarding on the flight you are serving. How will you react?
8. In your dream, you have become a new director. What theme do you think you will choose for your first movie?
9. You became a kindergarten teacher. A little boy in this Tianyuan came to tell you, “When I grow up, I will marry the teacher!” How would you respond when you heard these words?
10. You become an astronaut on an expedition to Mars, and you go to outer space with another partner. What worries you most about this expedition?
11. Once you came to your senses, you suddenly wore a nurse’s clothes, and a child in front of you saw the syringe in your hand and was so frightened that he cried. So, how would you give him an injection?
12. You have become a very popular girl cartoonist. Today, the editor called to ask you about your progress. However, because you rarely dragged your manuscripts, you didn’t even finish a page because you fell into a low tide. So, how would you explain it to the other party?
13. This time you are a lady proprietor of a flower shop, and a handsome male customer came in to buy flowers. He wanted to give it to his girlfriend, so I would like to ask you for advice. So what kind of bouquet would you choose for him?
14. In your dream you became a female police officer again. This time there was an escape incident in front of your eyes. What action would you take?
15. You are the editor-in-chief of Girls Magazine, because the special report in this issue introduces current fashion trends, so what kind of unit will you plan for the next issue?



I) Type of foreign language ability is the most important super manager who travels between countries A) Entrepreneur

For this type of you, we recommend that you work in an industry that can travel around the world, such as serving as a business manager for a trading company or as a self-employed boss. Because this kind of life is very busy, but it is very suitable for you with a business acumen to give full play to your talents. By the way, since you want to be a trapeze, don’t forget to enrich your foreign language skills!

II) The type is best to have a professional with a professional license and a professional skill C) A mature operator

The jobs you are suitable for are practitioners with specialized skills, such as doctors, nurses, teachers and other jobs that require professional licenses. In addition, media-related industries, such as editing and directing, are also very good, because this kind of work can not only contact the crowd, but also has a unique professionalism. If you are shy by nature, the researcher in the research room is also a good choice.

III) Type, please face your own talents and personalize art-related industries F) People who only provide funds but do not participate in management

This type of you is best to be engaged in an industry related to your interests, such as musicians, painters, novelists and other highly artistic careers are very suitable for you. Don’t say that your abilities are not enough. If you really like this kind of things, start to enrich your knowledge in this area from now on! You who are full of personality can only shine in these areas, so don’t wait until the boss is sad!

IV) Type requires care and patience, it is your business work B) People who already have relevant experience E) People who are planning to open a branch

The job that suits you is an indispensable business person in all walks of life! Although this type of work may seem very ordinary at first glance, it requires a lot of patience, care and responsibility, and not everyone can do it. You can choose to enter the general affairs department of a large company or work in a public office. In addition, accounting firms and design companies are also options that can be considered.

V) The most important type of operator with full heart and control A) Entrepreneur B) People who already have relevant experience

You are most suitable to open a small shop on your own, such as flower shops, restaurants, etc. are very good. Because you like the feeling of being able to do everything by yourself and in your own hands, opening a store couldn’t be better! Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t start your own business, as long as it makes you feel fulfilling and interesting enough, you will still enjoy it no matter how busy you are, because you are not suitable for the rigid work content.

VI) Type, please show a charming smile in an industry that can serve a wide range of people D) Have a partner with relevant technology E) Those who are ready to open a branch

It is best to work in an industry that can serve a large number of people, such as department store counter girls, shop assistants, stewardesses, tour guides, etc. are all suitable jobs. Because you are always smiling and considerate, if you can serve in these industries, you will definitely be able to maximize your strengths and gain a great sense of accomplishment. And the more people you contact, the more energetic you will be!

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